Split Atom Labs creates accessible-by-design casual games with innovative & inclusive experiences for all players.

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Our games provide a level playing field where people with disabilities can play alongside a general audience on equal footing.

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We design novel games that tap into all the most beloved genres – RPGs, strategy, and puzzle – while still being accessible-first.

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We place a large emphasis on interactive community building features and fostering an inclusive environment to help our players feel safe.

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Research shows that games can improve mental health and reduce social isolation -- our games feature relaxed gameplay to provide these benefits.

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Land of Livia

A hybrid casual adventure RPG set in an original IP fantasy world. Grow your character through exploration and questing from a modest farm hand into a worldly adventurer. Venture across land and sea to uncover the beginnings of a dark conspiracy afoot in the Land of Livia.

  • Fully Accesible: Accessible-by-design with tailored VoiceOver support and a level playing field for all.
  • Fits into a Busy Life: Relaxed and rewarding gameplay that fits into your life rather than taking it over.
  • An Epic Adventure: Embark on a 100+ hr adventure in an original and unique fantasy world with 150 diverse locations and a compelling narrative.
  • Social & Inclusive: Experience the innovative Campfire system where strangers become adventuring companions.

“This is the pinnacle of gaming for the vision impaired!”

“Awesome game! I love that I can step away from this game and come back to the next step in this thoughtful and compelling adventure. A great narrative experience.”

“An Accessible Dream! The best part is that my sighted friends can play too and find it just as enjoyable as I do!”


Picture of Aaron Vernon

Aaron Vernon

Co-founder and CEO

  • Eng Lead of AR Gaming at Meta
  • CTO at Two Bulls, a digital product studio (acquired by DEPT®)
  • VP Software Engineering at LIFX (Series A from Sequioa)
  • Eng Lead of Breadcrumb, an iPad POS for restaurants (acquired by Groupon)
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Picture of Matthew DiRenzo

Matthew DiRenzo

Co-founder and CPO

  • Senior Director of Consumer Products and Innovation Lab at Capital One, a Fortune 500 financial services company
  • Product Lead for Facebook Creators & Facebook Business Growth at Meta
  • Diverse experience in professional automotive engineering and motorsports
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About the company

What problem are we solving?

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 16% of the world's population experience a significant disability. Despite this high prevalence and the growing availability of advanced assistive technology there is an acute lack of fully accessible mobile games, especially popular chart topping titles, that can provide an inclusive and equitable experience.

Why now?

In recent years video games have reached an unprecedented level of adoption with over 3 billion gamers in the world! This is around 40% of the entire population and the market is continuing to grow at an outstanding rate.  For gaming adoption to continue to scale we believe it is critical that equitable access is provided to the large number of people with disabilities all around the world.